With Deep Thanks.

These people and/or their works have had significant influence on my personal and professional growth. A few knows me personally and most don’t even know I exist. I’m delighted to share their information to signal-boost and give credit where credit is due without necessarily endorsing them (unless otherwise mentioned).

You can also go to the resources page for links to their works. Enjoy!




To my mother (and her lineage of femme-identified folks)

Thank you for my life and the ever-unfolding layers of inspiration and love. I’m made of all of you and your stories of struggles, caretaking, and creativity. May the stories continue with me and for the betterment of my self, our loved ones, communities, societies, and those that may come after. I LOVE you. -Estee xo

To: BS, IV, WR, RRAC, FOH, EM, EF, AD, JR, SS, DH, NKY, and Professor CMD,

thank you for being father, sisters, long-term friends, newfound friends, long-distance friends, best buddy and angel investor, and finally pandemic partner-in-love-books-and-crimes-against-patriarchy.

To: activist colleagues, mentors, organizers, leaders, allies, and countless local and rural communities I’ve come across in the corners of my own country and abroad,

thank you for the trust, mentorship, joy, friendships, lessons, and mostly for welcoming me in as I learned (and still learning) how to carry the joy, the grief, and the responsibility of interconnectedness to each other and the planet.

An Unfinished List of thinkers and professionals who have influenced me.

  • bell hooks

  • Anand Giridharadhas

  • Emily Nagoski Ph.D., and Amelia Nagoski, D.M.A

  • Esther Perel

  • Rachel Cargle

  • Kelly Diels

  • CV. Harquail

  • Denise Payne

  • Layla Martin

  • Rainer Maria Rilke

Wondering how all these works get integrated in mine?

You can find out through my writing in the bi-weekly Lush Letters, and in my coaching through the complementary monthly Turn-On Sessions. These subscriber-only sessions can be booked by donating what-you-can to select non-profits. #unsubscribeanytime

Rasa Estee Coaching

Sexual Thriving and Fierce Loving for Collective Succulence


I’m currently based in my hometown, Jakarta, in Indonesia. It’s located on Java Island; the native land of the Javanese and Sundanese peoples.


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