Sexual Thriving and Fierce Loving

A Coaching Program for Cis-het Men


if we could sexually thrive

and, with it,

make our

fiercely loving ways



I believe we can.

Even if you’re dealing with internalized shame, perfectionism, and disconnection (like so many of us) —

LETHAL is here to help you

get it on


get things done

while centering pleasure, rest, and joy.

LETHAL is a 16-week, one-on-one, bespoke

online coaching program that helps you

reclaim sexual thriving on your own terms, and bake it into your fiercely loving integrity, productivity, relationships, projects, and more.

Because we can

be embodied, resilient, and joyful fierce lovers as we create stuff that’s good for us — personally and collectively.

We can use personal vitality and succulence to jet fuel our loving actions and rise together in collective succulence.

Let’s be lethal to all that’s standing in the way of sexual thriving, love, and justice…together.

Now, THAT is HAWT!


consensual, co-creative, compassionate, transformational, liberatory

Is this right for me?


Yes, if you’re a sex-positive fierce lover who:

  • is divesting from internalized patriarchy and struggling with reclaiming your way of being as a sexually vital, cis-het man on your own terms.

  • struggles with adopting specific sexual skills and states of being (delaying ejaculation, having diverse orgasmic experiences, expressing desire, giving and receiving pleasure, etc.).

  • struggles with numbness, shut down, and disconnection to sensuality and emotions during solo and/or partner sex.

  • struggles with lack of presence, confidence, and worthiness in relationships, entrepreneurship, or wealth-building.

  • struggles to break from a cycle of hyper-productivity and burnout.

  • struggles to build emotional resilience to align with your integrity and/or hold the world as is.

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How LETHAL Works

In this 16-week program, we’ll begin with honing in on your key desires and the ultimate goal for your coaching journey.

In the first half of the journey, we’ll compassionately uncover the social and cultural narratives and conditionings standing in your way. Using multiple tools, you’ll learn to expand your capacity to regulate your nervous system, and thus nourish the ecosystems of thriving within you.

In the next half, we’ll gradually introduce the new narratives and patterns that you desire. We’ll use our weekly sessions, daily practices and logging to inquire, support, observe, and tweak the process to ease you into regenerating a shift in new ways of thriving and loving.

We’ll weave in a Rest and Grace week every two weeks. This way we’ll be moving at a thoughtful and steady pace for integration while centering rest, joy and A WHOLE LOT OF pleasure.

In the end, we’ll wrap up with bespoke recommendations and resources from me plus a joyful celebration.

(Note: Post-program extra sessions are also available for continuing clients.)






  • Interactive weekly online sessions (2 hours/session)

  • Daily at-home practices (30 minutes/day, 5 days/week)

  • Daily online logging (3-5 minutes, 5 days/week)

  • Scheduled rest weeks for integration (5 weeks)

  • Sensual self-pleasure and masturbation

  • Inward actions and outward actions (solo and/or partnered)

  • Discussion and reflective prompts

  • Visualization and role play

  • Desire-based goal-setting

  • Guided meditation, breath, sound, and movements

  • Bespoke resource materials, and more

The LETHAL Content

  • A lifestyle and pre-program preparation guide (PDF)

  • A minimum of 10 x (2-hour) Weekly Sessions via Zoom video

  • Weekly PDF guides for your daily at-home practices

  • 5 x Rest & Grace Week

  • 1 x (2-hour) Wrap Up Session

  • Custom Notion page for daily documentation and accountability logging, password-protected and accessible 24/7

  • 2 days/week between-session coach support in your Notion log

  • Bespoke additional multi-media resources (links to books, videos, audios, and more)

Why work with me?

I honor the brutally-wondrous, non-linear, nuanced, and contextual nature of the human experience. So, while I’m certified in the VITA Method, I bring in decades of relevant personal study and experiences to deliver a bespoke coaching experience to each client.

As your knowledgeable coach, relentless cheerleader, compassionate guide, and accountability partner, I’ll ask for your consent, outline boundaries, guide you in regulating your nervous system, tell you what you need to hear, and celebrate all of you.

I lead with an intersectional feminist lens to helps us identify the socialization at play to situate your personal challenges, responsibility and actualization within a liberatory collective vision.

This program might likely stretch you. It can be emotionally, mentally and physically revealing and laborious. Using a combination of tools, I’ll always meet you where you are — prioritizing your safety, wellbeing, and success.

I come in with a commitment to trust, honesty, compassion, pleasure, and accountability. When you do the same, we’re GOLD. Let’s go!

Humans I work with: My current scope of practice serves adult cis-het men best. Our container is shame-free and non-judgmental. No topic is off-limits. I’m kink-friendly, and I welcome diverse relational expressions (monogamous, polyamorous, in a relationship or not, and more).



2 program rounds per year.


Registration opens: 14 Jan 2022

Program starts: 05 Feb 2022

Spot(s) available: 9 clients per round (max)


contact me for more dates




16-week spacious program: 1 rest week every 2 active weeks.


$4,144 (full)

$1,036 (monthly x 4)

PayPal or Wise Online Money Transfer (USD)


fee-reduction support is available


Ok, I’m interested. What’s next?

Wonderful! Go ahead and book your 2-hour Discovery Session.

Book your 2-hour Discovery Session by donating what-you-can to select non-profits

1). Book your desired date/time slot.

2). Donate what-you-can to any of these non-profits, and save your receipt. 100% of 2021 donation goes to the organization.

  • Indonesia: KOPERNIK (improve tools for women weavers)

  • India: GiveIndia (protect rural communities from COVID-19)

3). Check your inbox for an email requesting confirmation of your booking. Reply with your donation receipt.

That’s it. Your booking is valid, and our date is on. Are you in?

Also FYI,

other men

have given me

the privilege and pleasure

of supporting them through


to realize the following desires:

  • Deepening sexual and emotional connection in relationship.

  • Redefining relationship between money and a man’s value.

  • Delaying climax and ejaculation for diverse sensual, emotional, and orgasmic experiences during solo and/or partner sex.

  • Understanding and reclaiming confidence, pleasure, and joy in submissive proclivity during partner sex.

  • Undoing internalized patriarchy and reclaiming a way of being as a man on their own terms.

  • Cultivating a warm and respectful presence as a sexually vital man.

  • Understanding and reclaiming confidence, pleasure, and joy in positive body image and dating.

Let’s stay in touch.

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Sexual Thriving and Fierce Loving for Collective Succulence


I’m currently based in my hometown, Jakarta, in Indonesia. It’s located on Java Island; the native land of the Javanese and Sundanese peoples.


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